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CCBCA Services Outline
We serve our Canadian and Chinese members as well as non-members by providing services in four key areas: 1) business events, 2) facilitation & marketing, 3) consulting, 4) access to analyzed information. Detailed information is listed as the following:
1. Business Events
,Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Policy Conference - the pre-eminent annual business conference on Sino-Canadian trade and investment;
,Periodical business missions to China and high-level in-coming Chinese delegation forums;
,Year-round networking events, educational roundtables, workshops, seminars and briefing sessions;
2. Facilitation & Marketing
,Provide key Canadian and Chinese private sector and government contacts;
,Update members on current business situations, major trade shows, and China- and Canada-related business conferences;
,Identify and refer business opportunities to members;
,Promote member companies' corporate image, products and services;
3. Consulting
,Advise on Sino-Canadian general economic trends, market intelligence, and government regulations and policies;
,Advise on specific business practice issues or projects;
4. Access to Analyzed Information
,Provide the latest information about immigration;
,Provide information about study in Canada and summer camp;
,Provide Canada travel and business visit plan
,Visa application services
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