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CCBCA Introduction
Canada-China Bilateral Cooperation Association (CCBCA) located in Vancouver, BC , Canada , CCBCA has liaison offices in many major cities of China and Canada . CCBCA is a not-for-profit, federally registered organization governed by its members with a clear mission of promoting trade and commercial co-operation between Canada and China, as well as assisting corporate and individual members in exploring their respective business and investment opportunities.
CCBCA provides the Canadian and Chinese business corporations with quality commercial services, latest market information and a dynamic platform for idea exchange, communications, and co-operation. It also fosters resource integration as well as the creation of new business opportunities. CCBCA serves business and trade sections with all levels of government, individual and corporate members from manufacturing, customer-service, finance, agriculture, trade, law, IT, pharmaceutics and education industries in Canada and China or international corporations.
CCBCA Services
CCBCA hosts a variety of events to promote business potentials and information exchanges between its members in Canada and China. On a regular basis, it organizes business tours to visit fast-growing regions of China for those members from North America; at the same time, members from China are able to attend business exposes, conferences and tours within North America.
Commercial Information Centre of CCBCA provides information and consulting services to members, helps members to establish and promote their business images especially when first land to a different continent. Every member can be linked to CCBCAs website, be part of membership directory, and publish their business reports through the CCBCA newsletters. In addition, every member can participate in various business, academic and entertainment events that are organized by CCBCA, either free of charge or at discounted rates. They are also entitled to obtain the latest information on business cooperation and business opportunities through CCBCA distribution channels.

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