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CCBCA Introduction
Canada-China Bilateral Cooperation Association (CCBCA) located in Vancouver, BC , Canada , CCBCA has liaison offices in many major cities of China and Canada . CCBCA is a not-for-profit, federally registered organization governed by its members with a clear mission of promoting trade and commercial co-operation between Canada and China, as well as assisting corporate and individual members in exploring their respective business and investment opportunities.
CCBCA Services
CCBCA hosts a variety of events to promote business potentials and information exchanges between its members in Canada and China. On a regular basis, it organizes business tours to visit fast-growing regions of China for those members from North America; at the same time, members from China are able to attend business exposes, conferences and tours within North America.

We serve our Canadian and Chinese members as well as non-members by providing services in four key areas:
1) business events,
2) facilitation & marketing,
3) consulting,
4) access to analyzed information,
5)Support Charitable activities and contribute to society & communities.

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